Who does Ad Astra buy its bison and beef from?

We at Ad Astra Food & Drink are committed to sourcing as locally as possible for our products. The beef, chicken and bison we serve come from farms and ranches in the region including G&L Whole Foods, Schankie Meats, & Goods Farm. Duck is sourced from G&L Whole Foods. Pepper Jack and some cheeses are from Alma Creamery & Wiebe Dairy. When available, our produce is local from Hannigan Farms and other local producers. Our pies are from Flint Hills Market and Bakery. If you know of others we should approach for supply, please let us know.

All Ad Astra's bison and beef burger is locally sourced.  Ad Astra buys its bison from Cliff Schankie out of Madison, Kansas and our high quality beef is from Arndt Farms/AAA Beef from Emporia.