Exactly what does it mean to be "sustainable"? Sustainability defined is, "the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level, the sustainability of economic growth, and the long-term sustainability of the project".  Ad Astra takes pride in being a sustainable restaurant. Like most businesses, Ad Astra has gone almost entirely paperless.  Our POS system allows for customers to swipe, tip, and sign all at the touch of their fingers.  All of our to-go boxes are made with post-consumer recycled content  and can be recycled again after our customers use them. We also recycle all wine bottles, beer bottles, and aluminum cans every weekend.  Not only do we recycle, but we also compost all of the leftover food that we do not use or that our customers don't eat. 

We also source our tap beers from local breweries and most of our produce is sourced locally and responsibly. We feel that our local sourcing is also very important to Ad Astra staying sustainable.